Wednesday, February 23, 2011

No Help at All

My Beloved is no help at all.

I ask for a needle, He hands me a chicken.
I ask for a hammer, He gives me a bucket.
I ask him for cloth, He gives me grapes.

This is no way
to run a partnership!

I ask Him for answers, and he gives me a handful of date pits.
I ask Him for comfort, and He shows me a bruise on His elbow.
I ask Him for a display of righteous wrath, and what does He do?
He ignores my enemies and smothers me with kisses.

I would talk to Him
but talking does no good.
He will insist that I sing or dance my complaint
and that will drain it of every last drop of irritation.
Pointless and silly.

Najat knows how to answer this: Ask for nothing
and build a life from the random gifts
that Allah is always sending.

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