Friday, December 17, 2010

Faith and Belief

You do not say, “I have faith that I lay with my wife last night.”
You know whether you did or not, and faith does not enter into it.

You do not say, “I believe I have eaten.”
You know whether your belly is growling or if it is satisfied.
What need is there to speak of “belief?”

The religious man is all about “faith” and “belief,”
but I have about as much use for these things as I do bedbugs.

“Faith” and “belief” are a plague upon the Ummah.
“Faith” is playing make believe until something real comes along.
“Belief” is an opinion that you cannot prove,
 yet you will not hesitate to kill to defend.
This is madness.

Listen to Najat:
When Allah, touches your soul, you will know it.
When Allah takes you in a fit of passion, you will know it.
When Allah seizes your spirit and makes you His own, you will know it.

When Allah tenderly caresses your skin,
Covers your mouth with kisses,
and longingly calls your name all night over the desert, you will know it.

Words like “faith” or “belief”
will not suggest themselves to your use
any more than dung will suggest itself for dinner.

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