Sunday, October 31, 2010

Love or Fear

Just stop it.
I hear you whispering, “Blasphemer”
whenever I walk by.
And you’re wrong.

My love for Allah is real, as real as His is for me.
Ours is a passionate, intense relationship.
Like any real relationship it is messy,
it has its ups and downs,
it has days of struggle and nights of murmers and caresses.

Do I get angry at Him? Of course.
Do I tell Him so? What kind of relationship would we have if I didn’t?

If you cannot share your most intimate secrets with Allah
if you are afraid to be honest with Him about how you feel,
then I feel sad for you, because you do not know Him.
Not really.

Listen to Najat: There is not room in the human heart
for both love and fear.
Pick one.

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