Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Rules of Propriety

I know my lovesick madness confuses you.
You do not understand why a grown man
would run into a garden longing to roll in flowers,
why tears stream from his face as he gazes at the stars,
why he would spin around until he topples over,
why he would sing nonsense rhymes to the cows,
why he would go into fits of ecstasy at the sound of the muezzin.

I know that this is not acceptable behavior in society,
this is not how responsible adults behave.
But it should be.

Listen to Najat: The rules of propriety are a dangerous trap.
No one will tell you this, but I will: they are poisonous to the soul.
And I’ll tell you something else, that you will only hear from me:
Allah does not want you on your best behavior.

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