Thursday, October 28, 2010

Who Needs the Mosque?

Today I met a man who admitted
—with darting eyes and a hushed tone—
that he never goes to the mosque.

He never hears the recitation of the Holy Qu’ran,
never listens to the Imam’s sermons,
never gives alms.

He says he can worship Allah just fine spending the day praying in the desert.
I asked him when the last time he spent a day praying in the desert was.
He looked like he wanted to punch me.

Look, I get it. The mosque is filled with hypocrites,
—I am one of them, so I should know.
And the Imam isn’t the best preacher I’ve ever heard.

But it’s hard to build the Ummah—the Just Society
if you’re always ducking actual people.
It’s the pains in the ass, after all, that grow your soul.

Listen to Najat: Sure, it’s possible to grow spiritually all by yourself,
but it’ll take you a lot longer to do it.
A three-legged dog can certainly cover some ground,
but it still only has three legs.

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