Thursday, November 4, 2010

Absolute Submission

Ali the Baker is wringing his hands,
agonizing over a decision.
I wonder if he has prayed about it, and ask
“And what does Allah say about this?”
Whereupon he looks at me as if I have turned into hummus.

I find it curious
that so many people profess to be Muslims
who have no actual acquaintance with Allah.
It’s a bit like a man who brags about his diet
but never actually puts anything in his mouth.

Listen to Najat: Allah doesn’t want your allegiance,
He wants your heart. He wants to share in your life.
He wants to cry with you when you grieve,
agonize and discern with you at your crossroads,
celebrate with you when you succeed.

Allah has given us so much,
why do we share so little with Him?
The prophet—peace be upon him—
insisted on absolute submission to Allah.
Do you dare to offer him crumbs?

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