Sunday, November 7, 2010

Five Pillars

The five pillars are not disciplines imposed upon you
by a harsh taskmaster
out of cruelty or spite. Not at all.

Love asks us to proclaim our faith
as a formal answer to a formal question,
“Will you marry me?”

Love asks us to pray five times a day
because any lover longs to express her affection
at least as often.

We give a bit of our plenty to those in need,
because love that is truly received naturally multiplies
and spills out all around.

Love asks us to fast only to remind us
of what it was like before our hearts
were so full.

Love invites us to travel to show us
that He is present with us
everywhere we go.

Listen to Najat: These five practices
are not arduous requirements of our faith.
They are the five fingers on the hand of Love
that draw you in to Allah’s embrace.

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