Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Are You Sure About This?

Are you sure about this?
You could pick anyone as your lover.

You could have picked someone who was
much more beautiful than I am
much holier than I am
much more talented
more articulate than I

You could have picked someone
far less likely to put his foot in his mouth
less adept at making stupid mistakes
someone with a lick of sense

You could have picked someone obedient
someone who didn’t argue with you over everything
someone who will do as you ask and not question you
someone decent

So I guess I just don’t get it
—why this interest in me?
You could have done so much better.

Najat says: Sush, dear, be easy.
You’re the only God I know
and the only God I want to know.
Of course I would have picked you.

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