Monday, November 8, 2010

Don't Think You Are Special

Allah is surprisingly undiscriminating
regarding those upon whom He chooses to shower His affection.
Just look at me
—a rogue of suspect reputation and meager means—
and yet I have been bathed in His kisses
and clothed in His everlasting kindness.

Don’t think you are special. You aren’t.
I don’t care you who are
I don’t care what you’ve done
I don’t care who you’ve hurt
or what blasphemies you have uttered.
Nothing in your history could possibly be so notorious
that it would deter His relentless pursuit of your heart.

I have been Allah’s lover for years now
and I can tell you two things about Him with absolute certainty:
no prostitute is more careless with her affections
and no hunter more stubborn in pursuit of his prey.

Listen to Najat: When you realize He has his heart set on you
just give up and surrender to His seduction,
or you will be running from His advances
until you lay down in the grave
with Him.

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