Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Real Lovers

I am tired of being henpecked
by well-meaning but wrongheaded people
who seem to think it’s their responsibility
to make sure I am doing my religion “right.”

Apparently, there is a rule book somewhere
that dictates the proper behavior in every situation
lists acceptable language and hints at those words that are prohibited
(for it would never come right out and say them)
and provides a comprehensive guide to not scandalizing the community.

No one has ever been so kind as to ever give me a copy of this book, though.
It is not the Qu’ran, for it actually contains much that these people object to.
It is not the Hadith, for I have read most of them
and I don’t think the Prophet—peace be upon him—
would have passed muster with these folks.

Listen to Najat: if anyone ever did give me such a book,
I think I would use it for kindling.
Religion that is orderly and seemly
is built upon a nostalgia for passion long spent.

Real lovers are always getting into trouble. 

1 comment:

  1. With lies and words of hate everywhere . . .

    If you find me
    lying down to die
    and all is quiet
    around us—
    or nearly so,
    would you speak
    to me
    the poems
    you hold
    most dear
    in your heart
    that we might know
    the bliss of spoken truth
    and ease our parting so.

    BD 11/4/10