Sunday, December 12, 2010

Love Doesn't Care

Sometimes Love comes calling
And tells me things that the imams would call heresy.
I try to shut Him up, but it’s no good.

Love doesn’t care.

He goes on and on about how much he loves so-and-so,
even though I know so and so is an infidel
and if I breathe a word of this crazy talk to anyone I’d end up in jail.

Love doesn’t care.

He wants to make love to total strangers and asks me to arrange it
and I have to tell Him that this kind of behavior is frowned upon
by the imams and the widows and even the wives.

Love doesn’t care.

He is careless with His affections
and He doesn’t give a fig who knows it.
I tell Him He is making trouble for me and he waves me away with a laugh.

Love doesn’t care.

I tell Him that there are rules about these things.
I tell Him that the imams have everything down to a science.
I tell Him that society would fall apart if we let Him have His way.

Love doesn’t care.

I swear that He wants to upset people.
I think He wants to turn the village upside down.
I think He actually enjoys scandalizing the faithful.

Listen to Najat, you careless lout:
You can say anything to me, and I’ll hold it safe.
But you say it out there and I cannot be held responsible. 

Have you no regard for you reputation?
Have you no regard for mine?
Have you no shame?

Ah, that’s it.
You really don’t,
do you?

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