Tuesday, December 7, 2010

No Trick

This is no trick, you know.
Allah does not spend His time contriving
new ways to trip you up.

That is the way of the jinn,
not the way of the Beloved.
For the path that Allah lays out is sincerity itself.

The road to Mecca is straight.
There’s really no way to get lost.
Not even fools can go astray, even if they try.

So if you are tired of chasing your tail
if you are lost and despair of finding your way
if you have received confusing directions

Come with Najat.
I will take you to the road. I will point the way,
and will walk with you until you are sure of it.

Untold millions have walked it before you,
so you cannot miss the trail.
And unless they have all been wrong,
you will find what you seek at its end.

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