Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Promise of Allah

I know you have suffered.
Be at peace.

I know you are angry and confused.
Be still.

I know you are not thinking,
but lashing out in grief and desperation.
Calm your heart.

Listen to the promise of Allah:

The earth has died,
and lies frozen and lifeless.
But life will return to this world.

Your grief has blocked out the sun,
and blinded your spirit.
But color and light will return to your eyes.

Our throats are parched from crying out to Allah,
and the desert has crept into our bellies.
But we will drink once more of salvation,
and have our fill of peace.

If you cannot yet trust Allah, trust Najat.
I have been parched. I have been blind. I have been dead.
I have journeyed to hell on my flea-bitten donkey and returned.
Allah does not leave his friends to die in the dust.

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