Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Soul Wants to Fly

Today a bird flew into my house and would not leave.
First, I tried to give him ample opportunity to fly away,
opening the door and windows and waiting patiently.

I am still waiting.

Next, I tried to shoo him out, running at him from behind,
with the hope door before him.
Instead he fled sideways beneath the safety of a low table.

After that I treid to lure him out with food,
Leaving a trail of tasty seeds from the table to the door.
He ate a few, then, sated, returned to the shelter of the table.

I have given up. It got cold,
so I closed the door and shuttered the windows.
Then I went to bed.

I do not know why that bird did not want to be free.
Oh! I am so stupid.
There, now I see. I guess I do know, after all.

I hope Allah
will not shutter up the house before
my soul has decided to fly.

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