Sunday, January 9, 2011

What Prayer is For

Whenever the muezzin sounds his call,
people all face towards Mecca and fall on their faces.
But if you ask them what prayer is for
they look at you as if you are trying to trick them.

Listen, my friends, no one is trying to trick you.
But in my opinion, while the imams have done a very good job
explaining how we should pray,
they have not done a very good job as explaining why.

Prayer is not designed to change the mind of Allah
—what hubris!
Prayer is not commanded in order to instruct Allah
—Allah alone knows all!
Prayer does not effect change in the outside world
—your will is so strong only in your dreams!

Prayer is only this—to share you life with Allah,
to open to Him the feelings of your heart
and the concerns of your mind,

to enjoy His presence and to be still long enough
so that He may hold you and rock you
as your mother used to do on those long ago nights
when the moon threatened to crash through your bedroom window.

Listen to Najat. Why should you pray? The moon is big, now.

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