Sunday, January 16, 2011


I call these petty inconveniences in my life “tragedies,”
but you and I both know how selfish,
self-centered, and just plain crazy that is.

These are not tragedies.
They are the fist of Allah pounding away at the door of my heart,
smashing everything I have invested in
   that is not Him.

They are the hammer of Abraham,
smashing the idols in the Kabah
to the horror of his father and the villagers.

Indeed, I must be grateful for them,
For they are the only thing standing between me
and the delusion that I am alone sufficient for all of my needs.

In truth, I hate trouble as much as you do.
It takes faith to see the hand of Allah in it.
Submission, O Muslims, takes a lifetime!

So today I will submit even my resentment
at being inconvenienced.
And tomorrow I will be given the opportunity
   to submit again.

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