Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I realize that there are some who whisper against me
over their coffee in the shops, saying,
“That Sufi is against religion”

…which is absurd. I love my religion.
I just don’t think it ought to be confused
with the Truth.

Be not quick to condemn Najat
until he has explained himself,

The mind of Allah is vast.
If you think you can comprehend it,
your sin is pride.

If you think the Prophet could comprehend it
—peace be upon him—you make him more than a man,
and therefore you are a heretic.

Islam is like a vast but circumscribed sea.
It is shallow enough that fools can bathe in it but not drown.
It is deep enough that scholars will never exhaust its treasures.

And yet, as the fishermen of Ephesus know of their sea,
it is so full of life that it can sustain all,
none will go to bed hungry—not this night, not any.

It is therefore the greatest treasures,
our life, and the greatest of gifts
from the hand of Allah.

And yet, this sea is contained by a shore,
for if it covered the whole of the earth
there would be no place for people.

Islam describes the world, but it is not the world.
Islam teaches us how to live, but it is not the breath of life.
Islam teaches us wisdom, but it does not exhaust the mind of Allah.

Our religion is great.
The Prophet was great.
But Allah is greater.

God is great!
God is great!
Now tell me I am against religion.

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