Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pure Religion

Allah dances like a drunken fool
to the music of the tambur and oud.
He staggers, he laughs, he sways, he falls.

Last week Allah fell into my mind
and I saw visions of the faithful and the damned.
It frightened and inspired me
   and I became more disciplined in my practice.

A couple of days later Allah fell into my limbs
and I felt the strength of tigers.
I put it to good use digging a new well for old Dede.

Then, Allah fell into my throat and I sang like a sparrow
until my wife threatened to split my head with some crockery
if I didn’t stop my infernal warbling.

Later Allah fell into my loins
but propriety prohibits me from telling you what happened then.
Let us only say that my wife was pleased,
   and did not threaten me with crockery.

Yesterday, Allah fell into the sky
and it lit up like fire.
It moved my soul to wonder.

This morning, Allah has fallen into my coffee
and the pleasure I experience as I hold it on my tongue
is pure religion.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful, John !! Thank you.

    My religion is the sun cresting over the eastern hills in the morning.

    My religion is the sparkle in the snow that is undeniable, yet impossible to locate.

    My religion is the streak of deep purple that cuts through the vermilion sky.

    My religion is the tree outside my window that lightning claimed many years ago. Some would say it is dead, but not the ravens who sit and watch me work.